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Filing 2012 Taxes

Are You Late Filing 2012 Taxes? This article is for American Taxpayers who are late filing 2012 taxes and need 5 Easy Steps on how to get started.

Filing 2012 Taxes in 5 Easy Steps

As someone who needs to be filing 2012 taxes, you’re seeking solutions to your problem. The best way out of your situation is to “come clean” and start filing 2012 taxes. You probably dread the entire process of filing back taxes, thinking that it might require many hours of your time filing 2012 taxes and you wonder about extra fees, but the alternative of being found out by the IRS that you’re negligent in filing 2012 taxes is worse than these inconveniences. Know that at Tardy Tax, our specialty is filing back taxes, and getting you caught up in filing 2012 taxes, filing 2011 taxes, filing 2010 taxes all the way back to 2003. We are an online late tax website that can have your late tax returns completed in as little as ten minutes. You will be printing and filing 2012 taxes sooner than you could imagine. We can also retrieve your lost W2 and 1099 tax forms if you can’t find them. The following article will describe filing 2012 taxes in five easy steps.

First Step-Your commitment to Filing 2012 Taxes

Before you can begin successfully resolving your late tax filing matter, you will need to take a deep breath and truly commit to actually filing 2012 taxes. Carve out some time, at least an hour to get started and actually make progress in filing your back taxes. Getting into the right mind set to tackle this stressful situation and actually get in front of it is half the battle when you start the process of finally filing 2012 taxes.

Second Step – Collecting 2012 Financial Records before Filing 2012 Taxes

You will need all the 2012 records you can get your hands on before filing 2012 taxes. Gather all the 2012 W-2 and 1099 forms and any other documents you can find. If you believe that something you need for filing 2012 taxes is missing, you can ask the IRS to send it to you free of charge, but know that you may sit on hold for over an hour with the IRS, and that they will mail your missing tax form to you which may take several weeks. If you want to get these missing tax forms sooner, so that you can just final start filing 2012 taxes, and just can’t bear to call the IRS not to mention sit on hold for an hour or longer, then consider Tardy Tax’s online missing tax form retrieval service. We can retrieve these forms for you for a small fee. The process takes only a few minutes online and you can get these forms emailed to you as a PDF in your inbox in as little as 2 days. You never have to talk to the IRS to get your missing tax forms that you need for filing 2012 taxes.

Third Step - Preparing Your Late Tax Return Before Filing 2012 taxes

Now that all the data is right in front of you, it’s time to get ready for filing 2012 taxes. People who prefer to e-file online might be disappointed to learn that e-filing is never available for late tax filing. This bears repeating: No one, no company, no service, no accountant, no way can anyone ever e-file back taxes. The IRS does not allow late tax returns to be e-filed. It is not possible to e-file back taxes to the IRS. The good news is that Tardy Tax guides you through filing 2012 taxes and presents you with a printable PDF of your late tax return that you can print, sign, date and mail to the IRS. We hold your hand through this process, and give you the exact mailing address you will be filing 2012 taxes to.

Fourth Step - Paying Off Your Debts

It’s surprising to find that people are filing 2012 taxes late, because if you’re not self-employed and don’t earn too much per year, it’s quite likely that when you end up filing 2012 taxes, the government owes you, instead of the other way around. If you do not get around to filing 2012 taxes, it is possible that you are missing out on getting money from the IRS. Only by starting the process of filing 2012 taxes will you know if the IRS owes YOU money!

Even if you earn too much to get a check from the IRS, you have to start filing 2012 taxes to know what you owe in unpaid taxes or penalties. If you do end up filing 2012 taxes and unable to pay off the money you owe to the IRS know that we specialize in filing late taxes and we offer you an option to schedule a payment plan with the IRS without ever talking to the IRS. Filing 2012 taxes with us and opting for Monthly Payment Plan, you get to choose the monthly amount you can afford, and you also get to determine when in the month this payment occurs.

Finally, don’t be afraid of filing 2012 taxes. The quicker you start on your way through these five easy steps, the sooner you will be filing 2012 taxes and with Tardy Tax, the process has never been faster or easier.


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